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Gator Bites and BWG Anthologies

We understand the dream of writers to become authors can sometimes be overwhelming and/or illusive. Therefore, we've created 2 unique opportunities for members in good standing to join the rank of published authors.

Gator Bites and BWG Anthology info/guidelines below.....

Gator Bites Submission Guidelines



Selections of fiction and poetry will be printed on a single sheet of paper, tri-folded, and placed in packets at our conference and around Lake Charles for free. 


To promote our members, their writing(s), and Bayou Writers’ Group. 

Submissions must adhere to these guidelines:


  1. Deadline extended to Sept. 1st.
  2. Must be typed, single-spaced, 12-pt, Times New Roman
  3. Must be written by a member in good standing (dues are paid)
  4. Each member should submit one entry in two separate categories. Submit piece either as an attachment (Word or PDF).
  5. Deadline is so coordinator has time to copy/paste/insert/transcribe into final form and present at the November BWG meeting for edit/review. No late entries will be accepted.


No more than 250 words for flash fiction and no more than 25 lines per poem. For prose poetry follow the flash fiction guidelines (250 words max)



SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Only email submissions will be accepted. Send to:  

Subject your email “GATOR BITES 2019.” 

Send your best work. Any editing will be approved by you, the author. 

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2019 Members Only Contest (Full Guidelines) (doc)


Gator Bites Guidlines 2019 (docx)


questionairre 2019 (docx)




Bayou Writers Group Anthology Book 4

In Louisiana cooking, mélange is a mixture of ingredients which are different and tasty on their own, but when put together, make something surprisingly delicious. 

This unique flavor is found in the fourth anthology from the Bayou Writers Group.

Romance, betrayal, creepy dolls, and the Kentucky Derby come together to bring a savory blend of tales and poems. 

So grab your gumbo and favorite easy chair and enjoy Mélange: BWG Anthology Volume 4; Cooked up by the Bayou Writers Group of Lake Charles, LA. 

More Bayou Writers Group Anthologies!



 Bayou Writers Group Anthology Book 1

Whether it’s space academy, finding God, fighting wars, or bringing your cat to a psychiatrist, life takes us many interesting places. 

Some roads we choose. Some are chosen for us. 

But all have to be traveled. 

Join Bayou Writers Group as they explore life’s journeys in their new anthology. 



Bayou Writers Group Anthology Book 2

 Is poetry meant to inspire love or terror? Do our religious leaders always lead us to mercy and love or do they sometimes lead down a darker path? Can a person show courage and forgiveness when forced into impossible circumstances? Is a man sane to care about a house full of trash and rats?

These topics and more are explored in this new collection from the Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, LA-- Slice: BWG Anthology Vol. 2

Through memoir, poetry, humorous, serious, and—well, just plain weird —fiction, seventeen authors write of growing up, first experiences, murder, tragedy, and brushes with the supernatural. Folk tales caution that we ignore the advice of elders to our own peril.

Grab a favorite beverage, sit back, and experience this second anthology from down on the bayou.



Bayou Writers Group Anthology 3

 We are born in the beginning and in the end we die. 

In between life takes us on an adventure.

A hurricane devastates a coast. A dog reminisces about his master. A space pilot competes for honor. A mother and wife dies. A child is never born. Death talks to a politician. 

These experiences happen while we grow as a child, live as an adult, and contemplate our golden years.  

Check out this collection of intriguing works by Bayou Writers Group members!

2020 Anthology Guidelines

Want to be published in the next BWG Anthology? 

Download, Read and Follow the Guidelines Carefully!

Anthology 2020 Submission Guidelines (jpg)


YWC Flyer 2019 (jpg)