Write-Ins & Critiques


Write-Ins: in some of the meetings it will be us writing. If you have something you’re currently working on you can bring it or you can go from a prompt. I will bring a box of prompts and we will draw three from them. I’ll have some already, but if you have inspirational prompts bring them to add to the box. 

Meeting Critiques: Writing is solitary, but we still like to hang out and discuss our work. On some months we will divide into small groups and discuss a current project or what you wrote in the write in. Participation is optional, but you might get bored if you don’t. 


  • double spaced, times new roman 12 point, 
  • not more than three pages. 
  • Small Groups will be divided at random in the meeting 

Personal Critiques: This is open to ACTIVE Current members

Need more help? Negotiate with someone to bring your work home with them and give further critiques. 


  • bring a SASE with enough postage for the critiquer to mail it back to you
  • Not more than 3,000 words –negotiable between author/critiquer 
  • Don’t ask if you aren’t willing to also critique as well. 
  • Don’t say yes if you don’t feel called to critique. 


A critique is not about the writer. Be kind, but also be honest and useful. 

Think of a critique like a sandwich (or hamburger if you prefer) 

Bread—what worked

Meat—what didn’t work

Add-ons---suggestions to improve

Bread—what worked. 

Sum up what you read for the author. This helps them know if you understood it the way they intended. 

Critiques are another person’s opinion. As an author, you may or may not agree with the person critiquing your work. Don’t be offended. Just take what works for you and leave the rest. 

Check out Melissa Donovan’s Article at Writing Forward for helpful hints on critiquing 


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