Scribing Forward: An Update on the 2017 Bridge to Publication Conference

Happy Summer!!!

Hard to believe we’re halfway through 2017! And more than halfway to the 2017 Bridge to Publication Conference. If you look under the conference and pelican tales heading you’ll be able to navigate to what’s going on this year. As everyone has been able to tell many changes in line up have been underway.

More Noticeable Changes:

Logo: The conference logo keeps our title, A Bridge to Publication, and the BWG logo, but has a picture of our iconic I-10 bridge. It reflects our desire to have our home base of Lake Charles associated with our motto to educate, encourage, and inspire. BWG is a bridge to publication and Lake Charles is where we’re at to inspire this.

Date/Time: Keeping the conference in November means competing with Flea Fest in Lake Charles. We heard from those selling books (both members and nonmembers) that they couldn’t attend the conference as Flea Fest is a big selling time for them.  When looking at the schedule October 14 appeared to conflict the least with events our members and other writers would be involved in. The conference will end earlier in the afternoon for the following change:

Pelican Tales—what is this? It’s an event that is part of but also separate from the conference. Due to changes in state tax laws the Board has had to examine how money is collected. It is a complicated process to collect sales tax on behalf of a third party—i.e. people selling books in bookroom. Last year to accommodate this we had individual authors taking care of their own sales and paying their sales tax. Instead of tucked away in a room they were out at tables in the hallway where people could find them easily. However, there was concern that the area was crowded, it was hard to get people to monitor tables, and the authors didn’t get to really connect with potential customers. Right, when in good conversation, people had to return to a session.

Enter Pelican Tales—not just for readers. This a time where authors will be assigned a table in a big room—the downstairs classroom where lunch is served and maybe the hallway—and people can go check out tables and talk with authors. From 3-6 it’s all about, meet and greet. See a speaker you liked? Wondering about other authors in the area? Meet them here and find out more. This is similar to what many conferences are doing, and is modeled after author/reader events in other areas. The purpose is closer connection to the authors, networking, and—very important— having an event to generate revenue for the group in light of concerns over the uncertain future of funding for the grants we rely on. We are excited that local authors are already expressing interest and are planning to sign up not only for the event, but also the conference as well.

Scroll over the Conference/Pelican Tales menu link above and then click on A Bridge to Publication 2017 or Pelican Tales 2017 for more info on each.

Registration is now open online. Brochures are being formatted and will be available as soon as speakers send in all their information and sponsors are confirmed. Sponsorship—especially grants—has to be recognized in our conference brochure.

If you have further questions regarding the conference or author event contact Shey or Debbie Sonnier.

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