APRIL – Begin taking submissions.
JUNE – Submission Deadline – By end of June Meeting. Selection process begins.
JULY – By July Meeting, return all selected pieces to be finalized by author for editing or small corrections.
AUGUST – FINAL DEADLINE on Revised/Edited Submissions by Aug Meeting. With FINAL SELECTIONS made within the next two weeks to allow for layout and ebook formatting.
SEPTEMBER – Order books to have at meetings and Conference.


1. Theme – Journeys (Through/In Life)

2. Must be a Paid Member

3. Submission Formatting: Author’s Name may not be on any page of the submission. Instead, include a coversheet with: 
     1) Title
     2) Author Information: name, phone number, email address.
     3) Put the title of your piece on every page of submission. Number each page.    
     4) Please use 12-point Times New Roman typeface and Double Spacing.

4. Editing – All work must be edited prior to submission. Work that is not edited will not be considered for publication. Author must also agree to work with the Editorial Committee to make any necessary changes (if something is good, but needs slight attention).

5. No previously published work, erotica, or excessive profanity.

6. Entry Word Maximum
Fiction and Non-Fiction – no more than 2,000 words.
For Poetry – no more than 25 lines.
(Limit: one submission per category)

7. Please also include a short bio and photo with each submission. No more than 100 words.

8. Email your submission to Tara Wainwright at tpreje3 (at) gmail (dot) com

*RIGHTS: By agreeing to appear in this anthology you transfer to Bayou Writers Group the exclusive right to be the first publisher of the work in English, in both print and electronic formats, including online. Thereafter, Bayou Writers Group has the perpetual, nonexclusive right to sell the work as part of the anthology collection. After six months, you may license or sell your work to other publishers or otherwise publicly share the work. Copyright in the work reverts to the author. Copyright in the anthology collection is owned by Bayou Writers Group.

*BWG will be selecting a limited number of pieces to include in this Anthology. Submission does not mean automatic inclusion. Authors will be able to purchase copies of the Anthology for the discounted price, plus shipping and handling charges.