Opportunity – Stonebridge Publications’ Silent Writing Contest

OPPORTUNITY: I am delighted to announce this year’s Stonebridge Publications’ Silent Writing Contest!  The winner will receive a contract for a traditional publishing package at no cost to the author!

Manuscripts will be rated and judged by the highly experienced staff of editors at Stonebridge Publications in the following areas:

1) Does the writing style align with the genre and era in which the story takes place?
2) Sentence structure.
3) Use of filler words.
4) Flow of the storyline.

You are receiving this invitation to submit your manuscript based on a proven record of excellence in writing through previous works: manuscripts or blogs. Additionally, Stonebridge will accept submissions from those whom you refer.

The fee to enter the contest is $50.00 per manuscript. Each author will receive a full critique by Stonebridge Publications’ editor-in-chief and publishing & marketing director, which will include writing tips and helpful suggestions. This is a service valued at $300.00. Although critiques from family, friends, and fellow writers are needed and recommended, the road to being a published author should include a professional critique.

If you are interested please respond by following the instructions below. If you would like to refer a fellow writer or writers, forward this email to his or her attention. The referring party of the winner will receive a 3% royalty on all sales!

Instructions for entry:
1) Email (stonebridgepublications@outlook.com) with an acceptance to submit your manuscript. A welcome letter and invoice will be sent in reply.
2) Fee and manuscript must be received no later than June 30, 2014.
3) Include the name of the person by whom you were referred.
4) Email your manuscript along with your contact information and include a brief bio, synopsis and any websites or blogs you may have.

Works by Stonebridge Publications are distributed through Ingram, Spring Arbor and STL Christian book distributors and are published in print and electronic versions.

The winner will be announced on July 30th and all formal critiques will be provided no later than August 15, 2014
I look forward to hearing from you and being a part your road to publication!  All the best to you!