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Bobby Dower
Bobby Dower

One of our members, Bobby Dower, will be teaching the Legacy Letter writing course in McNeese’s Leisure Learning program in Feburary.

The Gift of a Lifetime: How to Create a Treasured Letter to Family and Friends.
Have you ever shared your wisdom with your family and friends? A legacy letter expresses your love by conveying your values, beliefs and gratitude. The letter can be created by anyone at anytime and is often done at the time of a significant life event such as a couples’ marriage, a birth of a child or grandchild, a significant loss, an upcoming surgery, middle age, and at the end of a life’s journey. Your letter gives you the opportunity to record what you value most and to insure the continuation of those values for future generations. Join Bobby Dower, a certified legacy facilitator, who will guide you as you create your heartfelt letter. It may be the most cherished gift you give your friends and family.Bobby Dower Class info


*Bobby Dower has been in the newspaper industry for 43 years and is an award-winning editor for the American Press in Lake Charles. His love of history serves him well as a personal historian. He is passionate about helping individuals, families and organizations preserve their history so that future generations will know about the events that shaped the lives of those that came before them.

He is a member of the Association of Personal Historians, a nonprofit organization with more than 650 members. APH is dedicated to helping people preserve their family history. In 2012, he led a workshop at the APH National Conference in St. Louis. A graduate of McNeese State University, Bobby is currently a member of the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Committee. He formerly served as president of the Louisiana Sports Writers Association and the Ad and Press Club of Southwest Louisiana.

A lifetime resident of Southwest Louisiana, Bobby feels fortunate to be surrounded by a culture where family ties and history connect generations.