Author Interview (January 2014)

Lowell Bergeron mostly writes short stories and has two completed novels. The recipient of six honorable mentions in the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine contests.

1) What other styles do you write – genre novels, poetry, articles, memoirs etc.  I generally write Mystery, but I like Westerns, too.  I plan to do a joint Science Fiction project with our son.

 2) What do you do when you have writer’s block?  I have a long list of prompts that I go through when I am having trouble getting my juices flowing.

 3) Have you submitted anything yet? (Even a letter to an editor, written for high school publications, other blogs etc?)  I have had numerous letters to the editor published.  My article, In Horn’s Way, was published in Lagniappe Magazine in May, 2011.  My Western short story, Young Gunfighter, was published in Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette in August, 2012.  I have had six honorable mentions in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine contests.  I have submitted numerous short stories and essays to many magazines.

4) Where do you live – city, state?  Iowa, Louisiana.

5) What is your writing process like? Certain hours that you find productive, a routine, a set amount of time or a number of pages you make yourself write every day etc.  I write day or night whichever is convenient.  Sometimes both.  I like to go by Stephen King’s suggestion to shoot for 2,000 words a day, but get at least 1,000.

6) What are you reading now?  100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin Harry Greenburg, and Joseph D. Olander.

7) The last book you finished in a single sitting?  13 Days to Glory by Lon Tinkle while in elementary school.  It is the story of the seige of The Alamo.

8) If you could subscribe to only one literary journal, magazine, etc.?  I have a subscription to Writer’s Digest plus three other magazines.