*If you are a member (dues must be paid up for the year) and are not listed below, please email us and let us know. You can also download, complete, and return the interview form to be added to your own page on our site. Instructions are on the form.

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Michele Abshire (2015)

Willis Abshire (2015)

Kelley Allen (2015)

Mark Wayne Allen (2015)

Debra Bailey (2014)

Rick Bailey (2014)

Chris Baldauf (2015)

Barbara Baumgarten (2014)

Lowell Bergeron (2015)

Peggy Borel (2015)

Cory Connor (2015)

Terri Crochet (2015)

Jerry Depew (2015)

Dorothy Depew (2015)

Angie Kay Dilmore (2015)

Caroline Dixon (2015)

Bob Downer (2015)

Georgia Downer (2015)

Heather Duff (2015)

Randy Dupre (Lifetime Member)

Marcia Dutton (2015)

Tara Elizabeth (2015)

Jessica Ferguson (2015)

Marilyn Ford (2014)

Michael P. Hauskins (2014)

Linda Whittington Hurst (2015)

Joyce R Kebodeaux (2014)

Cindy Landley (2014)

Linda Leonard (2015)

Beverly Martin (2015)

Marion McCauley (2015)

Joyce McCray (2015)

Mike McHugh (2014)

Phyllis Nauman (2014)

Mary Ned (2015)

Jan Newman (2015)

Sylvia Ney (2015)

Sherry Perkins (2014)

Scott Raymond (2015)

Gwendolyn Reasoner (2015)

Lena Roach (2014)

Julia Rodriguez (2014)

Beth Savoie (2015)

Virginia Shipp (2015)

Cliff Sieber (2015)

Debbie Sonnier (2015)

Cindy Stelly (2015)

Rebecca Stelly (2015)

Pam Thibodeaux (Lifetime Member)

Linda Todd (2015)

Amanda Warren (2014)

Merrilyn Williams (2015)

Rachel Windham (2014)

*If you are a member and are not listed above, please email us and let us know. We’d love to interview you!
*Please note that the board voted on January 4, 2014 that member’s are allowed to promote only one book on the “Books By Members” page. They are allowed up to ten on their bio/interview page.